Chiropractic Care Plans

At SCC, we make it easy for you to find a level of care that you can afford. Once established and examined as a new patient, you are eligible to pay per visit for chiropractic adjustments at the frequency you choose. We realize that the chiropractor cost is a big concern with our new patients. In order to provide the best quality care and serve you with outstanding healthcare options, the Doctor will recommend a frequency of adjustments based on your current spinal condition, lifestyle and state of health. Your chiropractic care options will allow you to make the best choice for you, your budget and time. SCC is known not only for advanced correction and wellness care, but for working with each patient following their health evaluation to develop a care plan that allows them to work toward better health in an affordable way.

Discount care programs begin at biweekly (every other week). If you choose chiropractic as part of your healthcare strategy and would like regular visits to stay healthy, then these programs will save you money. Chiropractor cost and care options are addressed in your follow up report, after the health evaluation. Whether biweekly, weekly or more, chiropractic is a fantastic way to keep your nervous system functioning well, aka your “power on!” Most of our wellness practice members get an adjustment check on a monthly, biweekly or weekly basis. Families are even more affordable with our family discount programs.

Have insurance? We can find out your benefits and help you get reimbursed. Even though many insurances are not super chiropractic friendly, we will make sure if you have any benefits (or would like to help satisfy your deductible) that you have what you need. More and more popular are HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) and FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts). Many practice members are able to pay for their care with these programs they have through their employer. Once you have had your health evaluation, the Doctor has recommended chiropractic care options and you know your chiropractor cost and you understand your insurance or HSA, then you can make the best healthcare choice for you and your family.

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