Vertigo & Dizziness Help

If you are having dizziness and have been diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) or Cervicogenic Vertigo, we may be able to help. When you feel “out of control” from spinning, what to do for vertigo is a critical question. When dizziness is happening due to a problem with the inner ear, or from disturbances in the path of the nervous system, the Doctor may be able to determine if a positional maneuver or chiropractic adjustment can help.

The Doctor is trained to perform Semont/Epley’s maneuver for cases where the inner ear is the cause of vertigo (BPPV). The inner ear is the balance center and debris can accumulate in this intricate system. There are simple positioning maneuvers to help your body reposition the debris, stopping vertigo. This $150 30 minute session is usually very effective, often stopping the vertigo immediately and permanently. The patient is given a home exercise and instructions for follow-up.

It is not necessary to be established as a chiropractic patient to set up an appointment/examination for dizziness, if you have already been diagnosed with BPPV. If you do not have a diagnosis, then a thorough spinal evaluation will be scheduled. Chiropractors only diagnose spinal subluxation, or imbalance. An evaluation can determine if neck misalignment is creating an interrupt with information that controls body position. A chiropractor’s job is to help your body gain more motion and alignment in the spine to replenish and restore nerve function that feeds information to the body. has an informative article about chiropractic and dizziness

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