Amherst Chiropractor & Massage Therapy

Spinal Corrective Center has been on the leading edge of chiropractic and massage therapy for almost twenty years in Amherst, NH. Located on 101A/Nashua St. just off Route 101, our local wellness center attracts practice members from all over Southern New Hampshire. Our family doctor is in the prestigious Overlook Office Park with over 3600 square feet of beautiful and warm office space. SCC is a wellness center offering plenty of parking and accessibility for Amherst, NH families.

Community members in Amherst, NH looking for a wellness center with award winning chiropractic care and massage therapy will find SCC Chiropractic and Vitality Studio the top option. This local facility focuses on family care and affordable wellness options to the beautiful town of Amherst, NH. According to the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce’s website, Amherst is “uncrowded and true to its heritage of historic preservation and diligent planning, this attractive community has handled the accelerated growth of the area with intelligence and style. Strict zoning, excellent schools, fine town services, recreational facilities and conservation land add to the pleasure of life in Amherst. Also important to the convenience of living in Amherst are the clusters of businesses, most notably along Routes 101 and 101A, which offer their products and services to residents and visitors.”

Since 1997, Spinal Corrective Center has been a top tier wellness center to the Amherst, NH area. As a member of the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce, SCC has not only provided local family care to the community but has been an active part of shaping and caring for the town we love.

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