Chiropractic Care

SCC has offered adult, teen and pediatric chiropractic care since 1997. This family care chiropractic center provides a welcome and comfortable environment for you and your family to experience complete spinal care in an affordable way. SCC’s care goes beyond chiropractic “treatment”, to include whole health strategies for optimal wellness.

What sets us apart...

  • Ongoing in-office health education along with an extensive body of work (articles, podcasts, YouTube videos) covering healthy lifestyle topics
  • Healthy Living Workshops included with care; open to the public
  • Convenient early morning and evening appointments
  • In-house x-ray
  • Chiropractic adjustments by hand using Gonstead, Toggle (Upper Cervical), Thompson, Diversified, Torque Release Technique (TRT), Network Spinal Analysis, Webster Technique and Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) techniques
  • No referral or insurance necessary. Use your HSA or FSA for services and products.
  • Affordable family corrective care programs offer easy to manage monthly payments
  • Established patients can choose to pay per visit with no commitment to a care program
  • Personalized Chiropractic Care Plans
  • Paperwork provided ready for your insurance company
  • Chiropractic Health Evaluations
  • We take care of newborns, infants, children and teens! Our office is family friendly, and offers family discounts

We view the body as a complete and whole entity to determine spinal and nervous system function. By helping you develop a care plan that fits your needs, we offer a healthcare strategy that transcends crisis or pain relief care. Many of our patients find our services as a way to get and stay healthy, despite the demands and stress of everyday life. Whether you are looking for family care chiropractic, pediatric chiropractic care or adult wellness care, we have advanced systems to make it easy for you to work care into your busy life. An oasis of healing and calm is a great escape whether weekly, biweekly or monthly to get out of “fight or flight” mode or just focus on YOUR body’s needs.

Often new members start care with a specific concern they would like addressed. Whether it’s back pain, headaches, neck tension, tight shoulders, middle back stress, bowel disturbances, leg pain, overall aches and pains, lack of neck motion, a head forward posture, asthma, migraines, or heartburn or some other lack of body balance - the first step is to determine if spinal subluxations are present. The Doctors analyze children for pediatric chiropractic care with gentle palpation to determine any spinal stress. Teens and adults, during family care exams, may receive a structural check, palpation of the spine (clothed) and x-ray imaging as necessary to find spinal subluxations and structural imbalance. At a follow up report the Doctors provide a complete analysis, including a recommended plan for whole health optimization. Some members choose to only receive relief care while others choose corrective work for advanced spinal function then wellness care.

SCC has discounted individual and family care plans (including monthly payment options) to fit all needs, time constraints and budgets. In addition, we help you determine if you have insurance benefits and analyze the best strategy for you to follow. If an office that takes your insurance is a better fit, we will give you a referral. If our discounts make more sense, you may receive a “superbill” to provide to your insurance company for added benefit. Many members also utilize their HSA and FSA accounts for chiropractic care.

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