Chiropractic Health Evaluation

The first step in becoming a practice member at SCC is a chiropractic health evaluation. The entire process takes about an hour and gives the Doctors the needed information to determine the best chiropractic adjustment for you. This analysis also alerts the Doctors to any health concerns or findings that are outside the scope of chiropractic care. They will refer you to the appropriate Doctor or health facility if they determine concurrent care is needed.

Getting to know you, Getting to know us

A chiropractic health evaluation starts with a short amount of paperwork. The Doctors have created a two-sided health history form that gathers important information. You can download the form right on our website under Patient Resources- Forms (only on a PC, not a phone). This information is a starting point to determine your health concerns and some of your health history. The Doctor will be given this information to review before they meet with you. Don't have time or a printer? No worries, you can do it at your first visit.

The next step of your chiropractic health evaluation is a short office tour. You will meet your Health Advocate in an exam room, and you will be helped to feel comfortable. If you have an infant or children with you, there are plenty of fun toys and floor space for them to play. As you wait for your spinal analysis and possible x-rays, you will be given a “What to Expect” form to read. This outlines what will happen after this first meeting.

Examinations and Testing

During our time in the exam room, your assigned Health Advocate (a trained technical assistant) will take a thorough health history, including past traumas and any current health concerns. Some patients bring along a written account if available. Don’t worry if you can’t remember! Our health advocates are trained to ask specific questions to help you retrieve past history knowledge.

A Doctor will arrive to discuss your health concerns, explain what they will be looking for during the chiropractic exam and spinal analysis, and answer any questions you may have. They will use the spine model to describe how your spine and nerve system may be affecting your health. Next, you will experience a structural evaluation using a postural analysis with measurements. Any neurologic or orthopedic tests needed will be performed as well as a palpation exam (patient is seated while the Doctor feels the spine from the base of the skull to the tailbone.)

The Doctor determines if any x-rays are needed. Patients are asked to remove any metal before x-rays are performed. If wearing clothing with excessive metal buttons or details, wearing an exam gown will be required. All tests, including x-rays, are done on-site that day.

What’s Next

Following the chiropractic health evaluation, spinal analysis and x-rays, patients are scheduled for their follow-up report with the Doctor (usually within a few days.) At this educational follow-up appointment the first chiropractic adjustment is usually performed, you see your test results and you will receive care recommendations..

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