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SCC has been a chiropractic leader in Amherst, NH since 1996. As family chiropractors, the SCC doctors have received many awards, including the Mertz Patient Education Award, Best of New Hampshire Award in 2014 and 2015, and Best Chiropractor of the Souhegan Region every year from 2007 to present.The SCC team has earned the “Best in Holistic Health” every year since 2010. This educated and loving team gets noticed because they take the time and intention to give the greatest service and experience possible to each practice member. Their many backgrounds, skills and interests are great reasons why your visits to SCC are positive and life-enhancing.

As the leading chiropractor in the Amherst, NH area, SCC has a high standard for a competent and friendly team. Some of the reasons Dr. Jenny regularly wins the Best Chiropractor award is she has an attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and a mid-west friendly manner (yes, she lived in Iowa until age 23.) She values a well trained and educated team. SCC’s procedures and system are well known through-out the country. In fact, for years Dr. Jenny taught as adjunct faculty at Life University in Atlanta, GA. Her weekend business courses taught upper level graduate students how to run a smooth and patient-focused office with a high level of customer service and education. She brings this passion and skill-set to her Chiropractic office with a well-run, impressive process that allows the Doctors and team to put their attention to the practice members.

As a pediatric chiropractors especially, the doctors make it easy for young children to integrate into the office, whether they are patients or visiting along with a family member. The many “play areas” in our child-focused environment ease the stress of an appointment. In fact, most parents find the most difficult part is getting the child to leave this fun environment. This holistic chiropractor’s office is warm, friendly and family focused!

Need to take a break from children and family life? SCC has several areas that are more quiet and adult focused. The SCC team will go out of their way to make sure you have the most relaxing, healing visit possible. Whether you need a team member to hold your child while you get adjusted, or as a single adult you want a calm area alone to wait for the Doctor, we promise a fantastic experience (and adjustment) at SCC Chiropractic & Vitality Studio!

Meet Our Chiropractic Team

Dr. Jenny Bruck

Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Victoria Greeley

Dr. Victoria Greeley

Doctor of Chiropractic


Doctor Assistant/ Health Advocate
Ashley Gryval


Administrator of Sunshine/ Doctor Assistant

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