"I went from a negative 5 degree angle in my neck to a positive 24 degree."

"[Chiropractic] allows the body do to what it was designed to do, repair itself WITHOUT medications or surgery. This has been one of the greatest and most positive experiences when it comes to our health."

"When I hear people talk about how they’re caring for their sick bodies I tell them about the changes I’ve made and why. We save money on OTC meds. It’s easier packing for a trip because we leave the medicine cabinet at home (or at the store)."

"The SCC team are awesome, positive and really care about our health."

"[Chiropractic] is the best decision I have ever made – I would like everyone to try for themselves.[My] headaches have been drastically reduced and my allergies are significantly gone."

"I sleep better, and I just feel more comfortable all of the time. All and all I just feel more myself."

"I can’t even remember the last time I had a headache or shoulder pain. My moods are better and so is my overall health. Just getting through the day was hard before, now life seems more balanced."

"To help improve your immune system/nervous system you should maintain chiropractic care. It’s like "working out" your spine so it can stay healthy and help you be healthy. I feel much more flexible and I cannot remember the last time I’ve been sick."

"I have felt really good! I hardly ever get sick and if I do it’s usually a cold that goes away in 1 or 2 days! I tell my friends at school to try it because I feel great and I want them to experience that as well."

"I think most have a perception that once you go once, you have to go forever. I would tell them that once you know what it feels like to be "in line", you don’t ever want to be out."

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