Healthcare is Changing

by Jenny L. Bruck DC

John came to our office looking for answers. He said, "I'm sick of just taking a pill to cover up the symptom. I'm on a vicious cycle that needs to stop."

Like many people, John wanted answers and solutions. In his case, we found severe spinal misalignments that weren't letting his nerve system function well. Within a few weeks, his chronic headaches were gone.

Interestingly, we did not give him a "headache" adjustment. By adjusting his spine, we helped his body lessen nerve stress and irritation. Once that was gone, the headaches naturally were gone too.

There is a saying in chiropractic that goes, "All healing happens from above-down-inside-out." Most people have been conditioned to the false concept of outside-in healing. Just look at all the drug advertisements on television. They say to take something from outside of you to fix you.

Even natural products still have this overall mindset.I'm not suggesting that you should or shouldn't take that vitamin C capsule when you have a cold, but assess your habits as well. For example, do you think you can forgo exercise and just lie around and take protein powder to build muscles? Of course not, yet television shopping networks are flooded with the next quick fix.

The work is simple: eat less, move more, think right, sleep well and keep your body aligned. No pill, potion, lotion or gadget can make up for the lack of these required "life nutrients." Healthcare is changing, "adjust to it!"

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